Accidentally discovered: toggle between Terminal windows: CTRL ->, CTRL Advertisements

Awesome new-to-me Mac Terminal shortcuts: cd – —go back to the previous directory (in case of accidental cds) open . — open the current working directory in a Finder window

It’s not built in but this is the most effective way to get my wife to stop using my laptop to read celebrity news for hours after 4-5 requests to get my macbook back: echo ‘The system is overheating and needs to go to sleep now.’ | growlnotify -a ‘Activity Monitor’ ‘OVERHEATED’; sleep 1; say … More

I see I have made myself a slave to Philosophy, but if I get free of Mr Linus’s business I will resolutely bid adew to it eternally, excepting what I do for my privat satisfaction or leave to come out after me. For I see a man must either resolve to

– via Paul Graham on debating’s insatiable appetite for time. Quote from a Letter to Oldenburg, quoted in Westfall, Richard, *Life of Isaac Newton*

Information systems are representations of and situated in the business and organization. In order to develop e